About Us

Vision Marketing Systems is comprised of highly skilled, well trained individuals to successfully market Land Assemblis projects.  Our team consists of  professional seasoned  consultants who have consistently achieved impressive awards and bring their expertise to successfully SELL OUT our Land Assemblies and projects. 

The Marketing team has a PROVEN track record with numerous real estate Land Assemblies and projects that have successfully SOLD OUT in previous years.

Vision Marketing Systems is recognized as an INNOVATIVE Marketing Group at the FOREFRONT of Land Assembly and Project Marketing.

Within Vision Marketing Systems there is over 88+ years of professionalism in the Branding and Marketing of Residential and Commercial Land Developments.

Our business model has always been to provide our client with accurate market research and create innovative marketing strategies for the success of the Land Assemblies and project.  Our team consists of online and offline seasoned consultants and advisors, extraordinary customer service personnel and support staff to ensure a overall rewarding experience for our client.

An introduction to our team:

Liana C. Yap – Marketing Director/Strata DissolutionsLand Acquisitions

Alan Au – Marketing Director/Strata Dissolutions/Land Acquisitions

Sharon Greysen - Land Assemblies

Carrie Shaw - Land Assemblies

Bo Park - Asian Real Estate Investment Advisors

Howard Or - Asian Real Estate Investment Advisors

Rhonda Scott - Marketing Coordinator (Non-Licensed)

Erica Marrello - Social Media Consultant/Marketing Designer (Non-Licensed)

Nicole Phillips -Technical and Information Operations